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*Knock* *Knock* Anyone Home?

by on May.28, 2012, under Announcements

*Dusts off the cobwebs from the corners of the website.

Wow, almost 5 months since this has been changed, guess we have let things go lately. We are still here though, just a little low on steam. Give me a sec, I’ll restart the boiler…
So what’s been going on for the last several months? Mostly things have been idle, servers have been up but player traffic has been low (with exceptions to the Trade server).  We have not been online as usual due to real-life requirements. We have been busy or have had other personal reasons for the most part. The Garry’s Mod servers seem to have taken the hardest hit, from the chaos of the server moves, the frequency of regular members decreasing and the changing playerbase of Garry’s Mod  has made the servers (And the game its self) less enjoyable to manage, let alone play on. I won’t ramble on, but that’s just a few reasons of why things have been quiet around here.  With the summer time just around the corner, it gives us a good opportunity to fire everything back up, and bring the community and servers back to an enjoyable state.


We now have an OpenSim Grid  setup and ready for use, so feel free to link up to our grid with your own region.
OpenSim is a virtual sandbox world, derived from Second Life but aims to be open and free.  For many of our GMod players the concept sounds familiar, and though it has some similarities to Garry’s Mod, it is also very different.  You have the option to build what ever comes to mind, create your own region, share and discover items from other grids and regions, or just hang out and chat with other players near you. Learn more about OpenSim here.  Some people may like it, others may not, it’s something you need to try out first to see if you enjoy it.
If you would like to get involved, you have the option of hosting your own region and linking up to our grid. You may be thinking “Region? Grid? What is all this?”
Basically a grid in OpenSim is made up of regions. Regions are plots of land that reside on individual servers that combine to make one massive virtual world. Players are able to walk from one region to another, or teleport if they are far apart. Anyone can host a region and link up to our grid. ( Think of a region as a gm_flatgrass server, and a grid being many flatgrass servers linked together)

It’s concept may be abstract at first, but we welcome anyone to give it a try, you don’t have to host a region of your own to play on the grid, we have setup regions for players to use or roam around other grids, you  never know what you may find.

Click here for a quick map of the grid or visit http://grid.aycerus.com to create a user and learn more. Please note that you gotta create a user on grid.aycerus.com before you can log in. There’s a signup button at the top.

 TF2 Trade 

Ban Hammer

After many  complaints, we figured promoting a few admins was long overdue, so we want to welcome The RJC, Doctor, and S.S Dragon to the admin team. We hope you all agree with our choice.
If anyone ever has a dispute with an admin on any one of our servers, contact us via email or make a thread on our forums explaining the situation and we will do our best to help.
Still no news on the map, I’ve made some minor updates but not enough for a full release, this might be a baby step process if anything and we have no ETA on when it will be finished at this time.
Many of you may have noticed the random crashes on the TF2 server, at this time we are still unsure as to why this is happening, bets are its an outdated Sourcemod plugin, but we will have to do some testing this week.

Garry’s Mod 

If you are still using the old Freebuild and or Spacebuild server ( address) we recommend you try out the new server, all data has been mirrored over, the only change will be in performance and hopefully for the better. You can find the server ip’s below

The Members server and the Spacebuild #1 server will be shut off, Freebuild #1 will remain up for the time being.

ACF Mod has been added to both of the Freebuild servers, after several requests, we will give it a try. 

Freebuild #2


DNS hostname: freebuild2.aycerus.com

Spacebuild #2


DNS hostname: spacebuild2.aycerus.com

In Short

Since summer is coming up everything will begin to get back into gear. OpenSim seems to be a good project, and King John has been updating his blog with some information about it. You can read more about it there, as he is the one maintaining it right now. If there’s any complaints about anything, remember that the forums are always open and we have an email address dedicated to helping out with these things.

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