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Current List of Permabans

The current list of Permabans, last updated 11/16/2012

STEAM_0:0:32689422 Crash Attempts|Scoot
STEAM_0:0:41978771 Crash Attempts|TornadoChas3r
STEAM_0:1:29872786 Mass Complaints|Kiefer
STEAM_0:1:45776971 Spamming| Zeriga
STEAM_0:1:42171344 RDM?| TornadoChas3r
STEAM_0:0:55701403 Spamming| Scoot
STEAM_0:1:49184251 Requested| Scoot
STEAM_0:0:42726785 Crash Attempts|Zeriga
STEAM_0:0:54588521 ???| Sabreman
STEAM_0:0:26389817 Crash Attempts|TornadoChas3r
STEAM_0:0:33740122 ???| Sabreman
STEAM_0:1:42432344 Crash Server| Zeriga
STEAM_0:1:17693550 ???| Scoot
STEAM_0:1:22916459 Crash Attempts|Scoot
STEAM_0:1:57519279 Crash Server| Scoot
STEAM_0:0:57604135 Crash Attempt| Zeriga
STEAM_0:1:34010829 Crash Attempt| Console
STEAM_0:1:42722244 Crash Server| Zeriga
STEAM_0:1:26431915 ???| Scoot
STEAM_0:1:37287116 Crash Attempt| TornadoChas3r
STEAM_0:0:20066476 ???| Scoot
STEAM_0:1:51196210 Spamming| Zeriga
STEAM_0:1:43730820 ???| Sabreman
STEAM_0:0:41928784 Crash Attempt| TornadoChas3r
STEAM_0:0:3931457 Spamming| Zeriga
STEAM_0:0:51680220 Crash Server| Zeriga
STEAM_0:0:24997409 Repeat bans| Zeriga

This is a list of what I can see on the bans list. If some are hidden, they are not here.